Sale and a new item


From now through the end of the month we are having a sale on all decals and Pressed Steel Tank Cars. For the decals, enter coupon code “DECALS” at checkout to receive 20% off your decal purchase. The Pressed Steel tank cars are “pre-discounted” so all you need to do is put them in your shopping cart.

Lastly, we have added some DT&I gon part and decal sets. Click here for details

New decals and some kit restocks from RPM-East


There are five new decal sets and some restocks of kits:

Restocks/new kits:


Lots of new decals…

We have eleven new decal sets. Many of these will be featured on cars modeled in the forthcoming Prototype Railroad Modeling, Volume Four. Complete list of decals

New PRRP and restocks

Prototype Railroad Profile No. 4 covering Missouri Pacific Panel Side Gondolas is available and now, in two “flavors” to cover this large group of 2,400 gondolas

model web

If this is a success, we will release other titles in the series and go back and offer printed versions of the earlier titles. Stay tuned!

In addition to the restocks listed below (in the next post) we also have restocked a couple other items:

A few of the Ann Arbor cars left from Cocoa Beach


There are a few of the kits for the Ann Arbor single sheathed box and automobile cars left from Cocoa Beach. Links as follows:

There are also some of the P118 – Pressure Head Cylinder and Integral Lever Bracket. In addition to the cars listed in the instructions, I have found a few more uses for these parts, most notably many PRR cars that had KD brakes with the integral slack adjuster lever bracket, including the FM, GS, G22, X23, X24, X25, X28, X29. Most of these cars retained this arrangement when equipped with AB brakes, meaning that the AB schedule reservoirs and AB valve were added, but the cylinder from the KD brakes was retained. Enjoy!