Monthly Archives: August 2014

New book and other news…

We have a new book, Freight Cars in Context, Volume One, that is now available.

We are reprinting the following decals and expect them in mid-September. At that point, we will almost be fully stocked on the entire line and we are also at work on some new subjects, as well. Here are the reprints:

  • D107 – NYC System 40′ Steel Box Cars
  • D128 – C&O 1937 AAR Box Cars

Some of the new subjects include Great Northern USRA and USRA “clone” double sheathed box cars, New York Central and Michigan Central ‘1916’ steel auto cars, and 70-ton USRA gondolas (NYC, P&LE, PMcK&Y, Reading, B&O, and PRR).

Restocks and new additions

We have restocked some old items and added some new ones. Here is what is new in stock or back in stock:

More to come soon……