Monthly Archives: January 2016

Amherst Railroad Hobby Show and a teaser….


Speedwitch will be at the 2016 Amherst Railroad Hobby Show. You can find us in the Mallary Building location 149F. Stop by and say hello

I am also excited to reveal that I have a new kit on the horizon. It’s been a long time since there has been a new Speedwitch kit. The Ann Arbor single sheathed box and auto cars are about to go into production. The master bodies are shown here. The kits will have cast resin one-piece bodies, underframe, and details, etched metal, styrene, and wire parts, our usual exacting decals plus exhaustive instructions with both prototype and modeling information. Thanks for waiting for these!

Updated inventory on kits


The inventory of kits has been updated post-Cocoa Beach. There is one of the SP/T&NO A-50-4 kits available and several PM auto cars, as well as updates to the Southern gon, Soo ‘Sawtooth’ cars,  and Erie rebuilds. Between now and the end of the month, inventory should be available for some of the things that have yet to be re-released since Speedwitch rose from the ashes. New stuff is one the way, as well. Stay tuned.

We also still have the reprint of the relaunch decal sets. It letters over 20 cars and at $40.00, it’s an incredible bargain (there are several subjects on the set that you can use later this year on the coming Accurail 36′ double sheathed box cars.)