Monthly Archives: February 2016

Found: A very limited number of copies of the 1932 ARA Box Car book


In gathering, culling, boxing, and sorting items in preparation for a move, I stumbled across seven copies of The American Railway Association Standard Box Car of 1932. I haven’t had these in stock for years, so these are a good find. I am pricing them to move (so I don’t have to move them) at $40 each.


I also have more of the Santa Fe Bx-26 box car kits.

Some kit Decals added to Decal Line and NYC Stock Car roofs and more Bx-26 kits

Some of our kit decals have been added to the decal product line. This doesn’t mean the kits or parts that they are sold with are discontinued, but simply that they are being offered as standalone decal sets, as well. The first ones to be added to the decal roster are:

The New York Central stock car roofs are back in stock.

Also, more Santa Fe Bx-26 kits have been added to inventory, although they are going fast…

Restock on XA-9 and some other stuff


We are starting to get some of the CB&Q XA-9 auto cars back in stock. We have added some to inventory. We also have a few Sunshine kits – two PRR G27 gons with auto rack interiors (can be modeled as “straight” G27s) and a WP rebuilt box car. There are a few PM/C&O single sheathed auto cars, too.

Inventory levels on the XA-9 and PM/C&O cars will continue to build as well as some other oldies, but goodies.