Monthly Archives: April 2016

More new decals on the way

The process of moving has hamstrung most of the modeling-related Speedwitch stuff, but I managed to complete some decal artwork that is being printed. The new sets include the following and will be released in early May:

microscale blank sheet

D157 – Detroit Toledo & Ironton 41′ Greenville gondola

microscale blank sheet

D158 – Erie 14500-series 50′ mill gondola

microscale blank sheet

D159 – Pere Marquette 50′ mill gondola

microscale blank sheet

D160 – Union Pacific G-50-11/13/14 GS gondolas

A handful of the Erie rebuilds


In the process of moving, I came across a handful of the castings for the Erie rebuilt box cars. They are available for purchase. This is likely the last surprise windfall from the move as I have packed just about everything. This is also likely the last of this kit available for awhile as one part of the move is a re-tooling of the whole casting process.