Monthly Archives: June 2016

Mea culpa

I’m sure that many people are coming to the site checking on Focus on Freight Cars, Vol. 3. I expected to have everything shipped last week. However, I also messed up the cover file by using a Pantone spot color instead of a CMYK color which popped the project out of the print queue. That means most of you will see them next week and a few of you maybe the beginning of the following week. My apologies for my error.

Custom decals

We are in the process of completing a test that will allow us to produce custom freight and passenger car decals in runs as small as one set. That stated, if you have a decal you would like to have, please send a message to get the ball rolling. A quotation can be provided along with a preview of how the finished product will look. One additional note is that this custom work applies to all scales, not just HO. If it is a road where there is existing artwork, it can be a relatively quick process. If it is a new project, the timeline may be longer, possibly several months depending upon complexity.