A few updates…

Some more inventory has been added to the GN Stock Car.

The sale on the Reference Manuals (Box & Auto Cars and Tank Cars) is unfortunately at an end.

We are awaiting some new decals – SP/T&NO A-50-6 auto cars (F&C kits) including wood chip service stencils, New Haven 40-foot gondolas (F&C), Erie early Greenville covered hoppers (F&C), Louisville & Nashville ARA single sheathed box cars (F&C or Sunshine) plus a set covering chalk marks (the technique for creating these is pretty cool – more on that when they’re ready). These decals should be in stock before the 4th if all goes well.

We also should have reprints on the Southern ’37 AAR cars (with additional details and modern monograms included) and the B&O M-26/A/B/C sets as well as Northern Pacific ’37 AAR box cars decals during July.

Finally, we are hopeful that some of the long out-of-stock older resin offerings will be back in stock before the 4th.