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The Railroad Freight Service

There was recent post on Tony Thompson’s excellent blog, Modeling the SP, titled Waybill posts collected, that references a compilation of waybill posts on the blog into a single document, courtesy of Mike White. It’s a valuable resource, as is Tony’s blog, too. It got me thinking about a book that I have had for a number of years that could be looked at as something of a handbook to would-be freight railroaders, prototype or model.┬áTo quote the preface, “This book has been written primarily to be of assistance to officials and others in the railroad service, and to those in charge of the traffic and transportation activities of industries. It describes in detail the railroad freight services, freight traffic rules and practices, and the organization of the several departments by which the services are performed.” Sounds like what many of us are striving to do. The book is titled, The Railroad Freight Service. The images here show the table of contents and a couple of examples of forms included in the book. The hard part is locating a copy….

UTLX Fleet Diversity

utlx lineup

This image is actually a zoom-in-and-crop of a photo of an entirely different subject, but I found this four car UTLX lineup to be a compelling illustration of the diversity of the fleets of the large leasing companies during the Steam and Transition Eras. These four cars are all different prototypes, yet none were exceptions in the UTLX fleet. From left to right:

  • UTLX ?5969 (first digit unknown) is a UTLX X-3, one of the most common types in the fleet
  • UTLX 54771 is a GATC World War One era car with double rows of radially-oriented rivets
  • UTLX 56140 is a Standard Tank Car Co post-WW1 product
  • UTLX 58102 is a UTLX proprietary X type design