D197 – Chicago and North Western Flat Cars


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The North Western was one of the largest owners of flat cars in North America. This set letters two CNW flat cars: one of the either 42′ cars from the series 40001-42499 (odd nos., blt. 1922 and 1925) or 46′ cars from series 42501-42699, 43001-43999, and 45001-45599 (odd nos., blt. 1928 and 1929) AND one of the AAR Recommended Practice 50-ton, 53’6″ flat cars from 45601-46099, 46101-46599, and 44001-44599, all odd nos. (this was the largest number of AAR 50-ton flat cars on any road). Set includes two of the artwork shown. HO Scale. $6.00