P116 – Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 35200-series Automobile Car


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In 1942, just prior to the restriction on construction of all-steel cars, the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio received fifty 40′ automobile cars from American Car & Foundry.  The cars were placed in the series 35200-35249 and were equipped with Evans auto loading racks.  The racks were removed during the war, but re-installed after the cessation of hostilities.  In the 1950s the racks were removed and the cars were assigned general service.  They were delivered with the eye-catching “The Rebel Route” banner.  They also had black roofs and freight car red bodies. When repainted in the 1950s the banner was dropped, but the ends were painted black, as well.  They were unusual for the use of 10-rung ladders (the GM&O also used 9-rung ladders on their 1937 AAR box cars.)  They were equipped with Apex Tri-lok running boards and brake steps, Equipco hand brakes, and spring plankless cast sideframe trucks.  When in auto service, they also had floor tubes as visible below the side sill in the builder’s photos.

This parts set includes resin ends, doors, and details plus accurate decals. Modeler will need an undecorated Branchline Postwar AAR 7′ door opening box car kit (available from Atlas). HO Scale $15.00