K105.1 – Missouri-Kansas-Texas Single Sheathed Box Car – Version One


K105.1 – Missouri-Kansas-Texas Single Sheathed Box Car – Version One

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Prior to its purchase of steel sheathed box cars at the end of World War II, the Katy’s box car fleet was composed primarily of several groups of single sheathed cars with eight panel Howe truss sides, 7/8 Murphy corrugated steel ends, and ARA cast steel trucks. There were 3,000 of these Katy box cars, all of them built by American Car & Foundry in 1923 (car nos. 76001-77500) and 1925-1926 (car nos. 95000-96499.) The 76001-77500 series (kit K105.1) used the Murphy “Standard Pressed Steel Roof” and National Bottom-Supported doors.  The series 95000-95499 used Camel No. 32 Top Supported doors (Kit K105.2) while 95500-95999 used National Bottom-Supported doors (Kit K105.3) – all 1,000 cars used the Hutchins Dry Lading roof and were built in 1925 by AC&F as part of the 1,000 car group 95000-95999. The last 500 hundred cars in this group (96000-96499 built by Katy in 1926) had National Bottom-Supported doors.

  • Kit K105.1 – MKT 76001-77500 – National Bottom-Supported doors; Murphy “Standard Pressed Steel Roof” (photo above)
  • Kit K105.2 – MKT 95000-95499 – Camel no. 32 Top Supported doors; Hutchins Dry Lading roof (photo below)
  • Kit K105.3 – MKT 95500-96499 – National Bottom-Supported doors; Hutchins Dry Lading roof

Kit includes one-piece cast resin body, resin, plastic, metal details, exhaustive instructions including prototype data, highly accurate decals. Less trucks and couplers.