K106 – Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q/C&S/FW&D) XM-25/-26 Single Sheathed Box Car


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The Burlington had a strong preference for single sheathed box cars during the 1920s and 1930s.  It began with the XM-19, continued with the XM-20 and progressed further with the XM-21 and -22.  In 1922, the Burlington added more single sheathed cars with the 2,000 XM-25s.  Of the 2,000, 1,500 went to the Burlington – 500 each from Pullman Car & Manufacturing (15000-15499), Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. (15500-15999) and General American (16000-16499) plus 500 for the Fort Worth & Denver (7201-7700.)  The cars had Murphy ends with seven corrugations in the top panel and eight in the lower panel, Hutchins Dry Lading roofs, and large fishbelly center sill underframes.  In 1926, an additional 1,000 nearly identical cars were delivered by Pullman as CB&Q 16500-16999 and Colorado & Southern 13500-13999.  The XM-26 class was delivered with arch bar trucks (later replaced with ARA cast sideframe trucks.)   Collectively, these were one of the largest groups of cars in the Q system into the 1950s.

The kits include one-piece, cast resin bodies with ‘board-by-board’ construction, an entirely new and accurate underframe, resin, styrene, wire, and etched metal details, decals for all three roads, and detailed prototype information and instructions. This is a beautiful model that faithfully captures the look of the prototype. HO scale. $60.00