K110.2 – Ann Arbor 74000-series Single Sheathed Box Cars


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Prototype photo, Bob’s Photo

The Ann Arbor received 250 automobile box cars from Standard Tank Car Company during mid-1924, car nos. 10300-10549. These tall, forty-foot single sheathed cars were equipped with Hutchins Dry Lading roofs, Hutchins ends, KC schedule brakes, unpowered shaft hand brakes and Andrews 40-ton trucks. During the latter part of 1937, the Ann Arbor commenced a rebuilding program that would see 60% of the cars modified to become single door box cars by the time it concluded in early 1939. The auxiliary door was removed and extra members added to the external truss to reinforce the extended body sheathing.

The Speedwitch kits include one-piece cast resin bodies, cast resin, wire, styrene, and etched metal details, Tahoe Andrews truck side frames, Kadee Miner hand wheels, accurate decals, and a lengthy prototype data/instruction sheet. $65.00