K118 – SP/T&NO A-50-4 Single Sheathed Auto Cars


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In 1921, the Southern Pacific added 500 single sheathed automobile cars from Standard Steel Car Co.  The cars were delivered as SP 63080-63329 and Morgan’s Louisiana & Texas 39410-39659 (ML&T; merged into T&NO in 1927.)  The cars were delivered with a 10’5″ door opening and composite ends, including composite ends doors in the A end.  In 1934, the door openings were widened to 12’0″ or 12’6″ (one car’s door opening was widened to 13’0″.)  In addition, the cars received new Dreadnaught ends and stiffeners under the door openings.  These refurbished cars are the subject of these kits. This kit replicates the cars with 12’6″ door openings.  Kits feature one-piece cast resin bodies with wire, detail castings, numerous etchings, styrene, and decals for both SP and T&NO versions.  Trucks and couplers not included. $55.00