Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. 1921 Catalog


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This is a reproduction of an actual catalog produced by Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company for 1921. The presumption is that this booklet was used as a promotional item to be either mailed or given directly to potential customers by sales personnel to highlight the offerings of the company. Of particular note is that historians and researchers often view history through the lens of available research and reference materials. Within the context of freight cars produced in the early Twentieth Century, this would lead many to overlook the variety of equipment produced, focusing simply on the revenue equipment for standard gauge, class one railroads. In reality, there was a great variety of equipment produced for captive service on small lines as well as equipment for export to railroads throughout the world. While this catalog certainly highlights a great many prototypes for typical standard gauge, class one North American use, it also illustrates the other types of freight cars that were produced and sold to other rail lines. As a collected work it represents a useful tool for understanding the cars constructed and offered by a single builder at a specific point in time. One interesting item is the order form at the back, presuming that a customer might make a large capital outlay using a simple form (realistically, perhaps this is better seen as a place where a sales professional made notes about a specific customer’s preferences).

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