P113.2 – Louisville & Nashville Postwar AAR box car, Superior 7-panel door


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In 1946 and 1947, the Louisville & Nashville added 1,800 box cars to its fleet that followed the postwar iteration of the AAR 40′ box car design.  They featured some distinguishing characteristics that differentiate them slightly from most of the other cars of this type.  In particular, they used a version of the Improved Dreadnaught end that did not incorporate any bottom corner sections.  This area was usually reserved for push pole pockets, although some roads simply had flat, triangular-shaped areas.  The L&N, like the Wabash, simply chose to eliminate this all together.  This resulted in the small channel sections to which the sill steps were attached terminating sharply where the side sheathing and ends meet.

The L&N cars were built in three groups and had differences in doors across the orders.  The first group, delivered by American Car & Foundry as Lot 2888, in mid-1946, car numbers 15400-15799, had two styles of doors.  The first 200 cars had prewar style Youngstown doors, as shown above in the photo of L&N 15519, while the last 200 cars had Superior doors, as shown in the photo of L&N 15679.  All 400 cars had Apex Tri-Lok running boards.  The next order, delivered later in 1946, was also for 400 cars (15000-15399) from AC&F (Lot 2950.)  All 400 cars in that order received the prewar-style Youngstown doors and U.S. Gypsum expanded metal running boards.  In 1947, Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. delivered 1,000 cars (15800-16799.)  These cars all used the 5/5/4 “upside-down” version of the Improved Youngstown door.  All cars used the Miner power hand brake.  Cars 15800-16298 used Apex Tri-Lok running boards while 16299-16799 used U.S. Gypsum expanded metal running boards.

This parts set includes resin ends, doors, and details plus decals to letter the car in the larger and smaller reporting marks “plain” delivery schemes plus both “The Old Reliable” and “The Dixie Line” slogans. Modeler will need an undecorated Branchline Postwar AAR 6′ door opening box car kit or an Intermountain 10’6″ AAR box car kit will do in a pinch. HO Scale $14.00