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In late 1946 and early 1947, the Pittsburgh & West Virginia received 100 forty-foot box cars (car nos. 1200-1299) constructed by American Car & Foundry to the “postwar” iteration of the AAR box car design.  As they were constructed in the immediate postwar period, they incorporated some interesting components that made them visually distinctive.  The first was their large prewar Youngstown corrugated steel doors covering an eight-foot door opening, large for the era.  They had an inside height of only 10’4″, necessitating an abbreviated top rib on their Improved Dreadnught ends.  They rode on ASF A-3 trucks, used Equipco power hand brakes, and U.S. Gypsum expanded metal running boards and brake steps.  They were delivered painted freight car red with the P&WV round medallion.  In the 1950s, the cars were repainted black and received the “Symbol of Service” slogan.  In the 1960s, many were repainted with “The Alphabet Route” slogan.  The trucks were black throughout their lives.

This parts set includes resin ends, doors, and details, etched metal Wine ladder stiles plus decals to letter the car in the larger and smaller reporting marks “plain” delivery scheme plus the black “symbol of ‘Service’ ” scheme. Modeler will need an undecorated Branchline Postwar AAR 8′ door opening box car kit (available from Atlas). HO Scale $16.00