Prototype Railroad Profile No. 2 – Milwaukee 22188-series Ribbed-Side Box Cars

Product Description

PRRP2 webphoto

This installment of the PRRP series focuses on the Milwaukee Road’s 22188-23937 postwar Ribbed-Side box cars. In addition to prototype information, this profile details how to model one of these cars using the Intermountain HO scale kit (although the information is equally applicable to other models including the Rib Side Cars HO scale or Fox Valley N scale offerings.) Highlights include the detailing of the unusual ribbed-side cars brake arrangement, replicating the prototype’s latitudinal running boards, creating the look of a weathered, galvanized roof, a how-to for creating dimensional strips from 0.005″ styrene and more. Available in three formats: Acrobat files in either screen or print resolution or an epub format for your ebook reader. 25 pages

prrp2 - milw 22188

PRRP2 webphoto2

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