Prototype Railroad Profile No. 3 – NP 21500/39500 Double Sheathed Truss Rod Box Cars

Product Description

20160102-2016-01-02_NP FB truss L-2

PRRP no. 3 highlights the Northern Pacific’s 21500 and 39500 series double sheathed truss rod box cars. Along with prototype information, including covering the car’s unusual brake arrangement, the profile chronicles the modeling of a car using the excellent Yarmouth Model Works HO scale kits plus some of the author’s challenges (many self-induced), the new Tahoe Model Works NP-style Andrews trucks, and a description of how to replicate the early stages of paint failure on a galvanized roof. Available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format in print resolution. 24 pages, $7.00

prrp3 - NP 21500 sample

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