Relaunch of Speedwitch

Update on the Relaunch of Speedwitch: Since the completion of the Indiegogo funding campaign, we have been contacted by several individuals who, for many good reasons, were not aware of the campaign, but have expressed an interest in participating. I am offering the additional slots here. They will be closed out either when all are claimed or on November 30, when I will end the secondary offering. Thank you again to all who have participated. Please visit the following links to view the goodies & details for each tier:

Booster ($25)

Sponsor ($60)

Patron ($100)

Sustainer ($200)


As part of our relaunch, we are producing two new printed volumes, Prototype Railroad Modeling, Volume Three¬†(cover shown above) and Freight Cars in Context, Volume One. We are trying something a bit different in our endeavor to get Speedwitch back up to “full steam.” To learn about these titles and how you can assist in their publication, please click here.