Something new… Prototype Railroad Profile series

PRRP2 webphoto

People have inquired regularly about when they would see new articles, a la the “Essential Freight Cars” series from RMC. It has taken awhile, but I have finally managed to get things organized! I am happy to announce the Prototype Railroad Profile series. These are in-depth publications about specific prototypes along with detailed modeling information. They go beyond what I could do in RMC as I am not constrained by page counts, image sizes and the other considerations of a magazine. The first to be released (and second in the series… more about the out-of-sequence release below) is the Milwaukee Road’s 22188-series Ribbed-Side Box Cars with their unusual brake arrangement, among other details. I am excited about having this new vehicle to continue writing about something I enjoy so much. I hope you find it to be as rewarding as I do and can use it to inspire your efforts.

Why release no. 2 in the series first? Well, I had completely finished no. 1 before discovering a rather amazing error in the model I had built. It turned out to be a good error as it will let me highlight an interesting modeling obstacle as well as provide some insightful prototype information about the L&N’s ARA single sheathed box cars that to date has been missed by most (if not all ) of us. I’ll have this one completed and posted soon. Stay tuned!